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Thank you so much for your support of our Physical Education program! T-shirts are being ordered this week! Thank you once again! 


Do students have to change out each day? Yes indeed. Student needs to be "school appropriately" dressed for class each day.(Must follow school dress code) We will elevate heart rate and move as much as possible. Proper shoes are very important as well. Thank you!

Why do students have to change out? Proper hygiene is essential for ALL middle school student's. Sweating means bacteria. Bacteria means germs and germs mean sickness. We want to do our part with daily exercise/fitness but also not spread germs especially during Covid times. P.S. We DO NOT want anyone to be the "Stinky" child in class, either!  Thank you for your understanding. 

Where do students change out their school clothes for P.E. attire? In our girls and boys locker rooms. Students enter and change "quickly".(2 to 3 mins) The locker room is supervised by the Physical Education Coaches as well. Lockers are available (during Class ONLY-For Free-Bring your own lock)

Can students come to school in P.E. clothes? They would still need to change clothes because of the sweat, bacteria and germs mentioned above. 

Is it ok to bring deodorant? ABSOLUTELY!!! Please do! You can and you should! We strongly recommend a NON-Aerosol spray. 

Will there be Google Classroom assignments? Of course, we have tests for each of the units during the 9 weeks. See "Unit Rotation" attached link above. There may be other assessments that could be completed along the way. We hope to complete these in class time permitting.  Assignments will be posted in the Google Classroom(when applicable)

Does CHMS Physical Education Department use the Agenda Book daily? Absolutely! We will constantly have agenda messages to be written down by the students each day when they enter the classroom. Please be looking for these reminders/information. 

Will attendance be taken each day for PE? Definitely! Please do not show up late to class or it will result in a consequence. Please be aware that "behavior" problems will also be dealt with.
***NOTE-No one has the right to diminish any other students opportunity to learn/work-out by drawing attention to themselves in a negative way. 

Do students have PE every day of the week? Yes. We will have class each and every day. (***If their schedule says they have P.E.) Monday-Friday 

What should each student bring for changing out(daily Prep)? Each student should bring shorts or pants made for exercise activity. A pair of shoes(made for athletic/fitness movement). ***No slides, flipflops, heels, sandals, etc...*** If you wear tights/leggings, you must wear shorts over them. No Tank tops for girls or boys! Proper shoes will be enforced! We just had our Gym floors re-varnished! We WILL take care and protect the floors at all times. 

Do students need agenda book for Physical Education class? Yes. Everyday. We use it for communication, announcements and even behavior corrections or "Pawsitive" referrals. 


Contact Information:

Coach Brennan [email protected]  770-651-5090
Coach Forbes   770-651-5047
Coach Fore   [email protected] 770-651-5029 
Coach Lougher [email protected]  770-651-5083 
Coach Mayfield [email protected]  770-651-5092
Coach Sullivan [email protected] 770-651-5064

***Lougher=Department Chair***

Study Guides for Unit Tests
***Note that all Units do not require a study guide***

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